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Vestibular Rehabilitation


The role of the vestibular system is to sense self motion, orientate us to vertical, stabilise the head and control our centre of mass. People with vestibular dysfunction can present with dizziness, visual and balance disturbances, reduced mobility and anxiety. This can lead to reduced independence , decreased confidence to participate in social activities and social isolation.

Program structure

- This program addresses both the immediate causes of dizziness and reduces the longer term consequences of living with dizziness such as decreased activity participation, deconditioning and falls.

- It involves tailored specific exercise therapy targeting head and eye movements, balance and repeated exposure to provocative movements to desensitise the individual.

- This program includes education and a review of the impacts of dizziness on quality of life and improves functional recovery.

How to access the program

Ask your GP or Specialist to refer you to Eden Private Hospital's Vestibular Rehabilitation Program.

The program is available through your private health fund, DVA, Home Care Package, NDIS or can be self funded.

Please call 07 5472 6472 and ask to speak to our Day Programs Manager to discuss your needs.